What is the difference between a simple and a strong password?

    Everyone knows that a password is a secret character set used to restrict access to certain resources, but the appearance of this sequence of characters can be very different, accordingly, the level of protection will also vary significantly.

    Many people use simple and easy to remember words or numbers as a password, for example: 12345, password, qwerty, etc. Such passwords are the most insecure because they can be guessed after a small number of attempts and attackers do not need any software for this, so accounts with such passwords will sooner or later be hacked. 

Very Weak Password

    The next group of passwords can include words and numbers associated with an individual, it can be names, significant dates, nicknames of pets, etc. Such passwords look more secure, but by and large, they are just as bad at protecting you from hacking as the previous type. The only difference is that in order to break them the attacker will need a little more attempts and this is provided that the attack is not aimed at a specific user. If the goal is to hack a specific account, then the use of such a password only simplifies the task for thieves.

    A little more complicated than the previous one but still not resistant to hacking is a group of passwords consisting of a small number of characters (length up to 6-7 characters) or characters of the same type (only letters or only numbers), even if it is a non-existent word or a large number. The more monotonous and shorter the password, the easier it is to crack, for example, a 6-digit password has only 1,000,000 combinations or a 6-letter password in one letter case has 308,915,776 combinations. This number of combinations can be processed by modern computer processors in minutes or even seconds so hacking such a password by brute force (search of all possible values) will not take much time.

Medium Password

    In order for your password to meet the minimum security requirements, it must contain at least 7-8 characters, which must include numbers, letters and special characters, such as $ # @ & etc. Passwords with such characteristics in most cases provide a sufficient level of protection and are suitable for use wherever an increased level of protection is not required, so we can assign them to the next separate group in our list.

    The last group includes passwords whose length exceeds 8-10 characters, in addition to all the characters from the previous group, they may contain additional special characters like ^ ~ " ] { or symbols of other languages. This makes it possible to increase the number of possible variations to very large values before which many methods of hacking lose all meaning or become ineffective.

Very Strong Password by Gen4Pass.com

    What type of password to choose for your task is always up to you and our online password generator will always help you create a password according to the required parameters.