Password Manager

How it works

    Please follow the steps below to save a password:

Step 1. 

    Go to the password save page.

Step 2.

    Enter or generate a password to save and a numeric key by which you can get your password on the password get page. Pay attention! You must remember or save your key. Also note that for all combinations from 1 to 9999 and Latin letters are already formed sets of passwords with open access that you can use.

Step 3. (Optional) 

    You can change additional settings to save the password:

  • specify the number of additional similar passwords that will be stored in the pool along with your master password
  • specify the IP addresses for which the password will be available after entering the key on the password get page (note that for all other IP addresses access will be blocked)
  • specify the password lifetime, when it expires the password will become inaccessible and will be deleted

Step 4. 

    Save your password. Please note that to use this service you must agree to the terms and conditions.

    To get a saved password, go to the password get page and enter your key. You can do this from any device connected to the Internet, but provided that when saving the password, the restriction by the IP address was not enabled.