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 Follow these guidelines to create a strong password:

    1. Do not use the same password for different accounts. Your password must always be unique so that hackers cannot easily access many services by hacking just one.

    2. Do not use your name, date of birth, pet nickname and other obvious things as a password. Your password should not be associated with you and your any commonly known personal identification.

    3. Do not use words related to security, object of protection and objects in front of you as a password or part of it. Words like password, pass, login, admin, qwerty, 1111, 12345, apple and etc should never be included in your password.

    4. Do not use too short and monotonous passwords. Password length should usually be at least 10-12 characters which should include numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters.

    5. Do not reuse the old password and periodically change it to a new one.

 Generate a secure password easily with Gen4Pass

    With this service you can generate a password for any of your needs, starting with a new secure password for your social media account such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or Telegram to ensure security and protect from unauthorized access, ending with a random password to avoid misuse of your Wi-Fi network. A good password will securely protect your data from various hacking methods, including brute force, combinator, dictionary, permutation, hybrid, rule-based and other.